Nexnaira is a social platform that connects people through sponsorship. You can buy and sell bids to sponsor other people online and also get sponsorship from other bidders.


Every account is a valuable and can receive sponsorship and also become a sponsor to others. Sponsorships are done using Nexcoin a digital currency for making sponsorship settlements and also exchange cash payments.

Nexcoin also known as NEX is a digital currency for making and receiving sponsorship settlements and also to exchange for Naira payments.

How does it work?

To benefit, you need to own a Nexnaira account. Click here to Create Account Now.

Once you created your account, activate your accout by unlocking your wallet to be able to get sponsorship payments and also trade sponsorship. Credit your wallet by buying Nexcoin from NGN 1k to NGN 50k and more depending on how much you can afford.

CAUTION: When buying Nexcoin, be sure to use only use your spare cash only.

Your wallet would be credited with the amount of Nexcoin (NEX) you buy and you will also gain value points that people can trade with.

You will also recieve 3x the amount of Nexcoin you bought as payout which you can cashout as you earn from sponsors. You will be asked to provide a beneficiary bank account where all your cash payments will be paid to when you exchange your Nexcoin for Naira.

Start earning commissions from sponsorship as people bid to sponsor your account. The more sponsorship bids you get the more valuable you become.

Be a sponsor and double your earnings by investing your Nexcoin in the bid trade. Buy people as assets when you sponsor them and profit from their trades. Trade your assets with other bidders online and grow your Nexcoin (NEX). The more you trade sposnorship the more you earn and profit from the Nexnaira community.


Nexcoin (NEX) can be exchanged for cash payments through bank transfer. You can withdraw from NGN 1,000 to NGN 50,000 daily and get paid direct to your bank.

Our Mission

To create a social platform where people can get financial benefits from sponsors around the world.

Our Values

We provide a social market where people can sponsor other people as investors and get sponsorships too.

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